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Huddersfield Mistresses


Welcome to my Huddersfield Mistresses website. I am one of  Huddersfield Elite Mistresses, Mistress Helena, and my Pro Domme Friends are Elite Professional Mistresses based in West Yorkshire. Come visit my Huddersfield Mistresses at my exclusive, and discreet luxurious well-equipped Chambers.

My Mistress friends are Mistress Cat also known as Goddess Cat, and Mistress Alcini are only available as a Double Domme experience with me.  Some visiting Mistresses will also be featured to meet on regular post updates.

Elite British Mistresses Goddess Cat, Mistress Alchini & I are a hard find, that sessions with beginners to extreme players in the BDSM world. We have a vast knowledge of the Kink scene. I, Mistress Helena have a confinement cell which is ideal for an overnight stay in prison. We have a playroom full of Canes, milking machines, outfits, and CBT equipment.

Enter my world of BDSM, kink, and adventure. Bewitching you to submit to my desires and fulfill your deepest, darkest desires. Explore your Fetish with us your Huddersfield Mistresses now. My beautiful friends are only available with me, trust is everything and has been built over many years of a good friendship. You’ll see this in the dynamics of Duo fun. We may establish a wonderful bond, we are available for longer sessions together you may want to take us on a mini break, even a holiday. Just ask.

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