Session Fees

Huddersfield Mistresses Session Fees


Huddersfield Mistresses


Solo Rates are

1hr £160
1.5hr £210
2hr £300
3hr £430
4hr £520
6hr £610
Overnight Rate £1000
Weekend Rate £2200
Weekly Rate £4500

The Huddersfield Mistresses do travel and will visit you at your 5* Hotel throughout the world, do inquire. They have regular Tours throughout the UK London does carry a London Weighting allowance of £100 each hour additionally. Late night sessions are available.

Our London Fees

London Solo Rates are

1 hour £300
2 hours £550
3 hours £750
4 hours £1000
Overnight £1500

London Double Domination Rates

1 hour 500
2 hours 900
3 hours 1200
4 hours 1500
Overnight 2500


Huddersfield Mistresses do offer Skype sessions, solo sessions are minimum time of 10 minutes at £30, as a double £50. Enquire for longer sessions.

Regular BDSM parties are held by the Huddersfield Dominatrix at a private discreet and clean well equipped location. Do ask. Dates will be announced on our Blog page as will availability and tour dates. So why look further for all you need is here with the most stunning but approachable and intelligent Yorkshire Mistresses, Mistress Helena and Mistress friends.

Terms and conditions

You must be aged 21 and over.

1.    Respect and understand the necessity for privacy and confidentiality for both parties concerned. Be discreet.
2.    Listen to requirements of booking sessions, deposits are required on the first meeting or for longer sessions involving travel to locations. Deposits are non-refundable.
3.    Do read Likes of either Mistress before booking a session.
4.    Text or Email requirements in session and any health concerns you may have.
5.    If a Mistress feels any concern at all in session the session will cease. Safety is paramount for both parties.
6.    By booking a session you are agreeing to having a BDSM experience. It is a consensual contract by booking that session.
7.    The Mistress may ask your permission to use photographs and will only do with your consent. You are not permitted to take any photographs or video in sessions of Mistress.
8.    Text if you can’t reach the Mistress you want to book send details of name, area and date/time of session required. Also type of session and any other requests such as clothing. DO KEEP IT BRIEF AND DO NOT LEAVE ANSWERPHONE MESSAGES.
9.    Respect the time you have booked if you are late it may not be possible to stay longer as a Mistress has limited time slots allocated to you and others.
10.    Gifts are allowed do ask what your Mistress may like or enjoy.
11.    Be respectful and do not ask for sexual services or illegal substances. Huddersfield Mistresses love to Dominate and will not jeopardise their career for your gains.
12.     Have respect for your Huddersfield Mistress, trust is vital I the BDSM relationship.

Contact Details

Book Huddersfield Mistresses either or both on:

Mistress Helena Tel no: 07557516183