23Apr 2019

Huddersfied Mistresses Double Domme

Bookings now being taken after a wonderful successful meeting with one if the U.Ks leading Mistresses Ms Helen Ryder. Mistress will be visiting me on the 11th May from 11am until 4pm. We have 3 different playrooms, dungeons in my domestic setting. Its private and very well equipped. Discreet? Yes it is. Hopefully Ms Ryder will be a frequent visitor and available with me one of Huddersfield Mistresses that has lifestyle and Professional experiences as a true Dominatrix. On meeting Ms Ryder I saw the true Alpha female, a quality we both possess. We offer a friendly but professional BDSM environment. You should visit your Huddersfield Mistresses to see the vast experience we have. You will also get to experience the new dungeon. It has an amazing dining table where we may sit in our heels and Nylons while you are imprisoned in the cage beneath. How lucky would you be! We encourage an opening for you to explore your fantasies. Just let us know what you desire! With respectful intention of  course.

I simply cannot wait to work alongside such an amazing lady as Huddersfield Mistresses Ms Helen Ryder. A true DOMINATRIX. Do not hesitate to contact us. I am reachable by Tel or Text contact on 07557516183

Your Huddersfield Mistresses

Mistress Helena x

09Mar 2018

Huddersfield Mistress

Huddersfield Mistress Felix is available in Huddersfield most days as an Elite U.K Mistress. Sexy, Sadistic and alluring this lady is one of my good friends and certainly knows how to raise ones temperature. A true woman who knows naturally how to dominate, 38 years old but certainly looks younger however she will be so much wiser to blow your mind. Cruel and so sensitive to what you may need. She loves to Dominate with her tone, expression and mannerisms. She will put you in a head spin. Mental domination is a speciality. Will you be ready for this beauty dressed in sexy high end lingerie, corsetry and latex. Just request and she may dress according to your fantasy.

Huddersfield Mistress Felix is available Mon – Fri 10- 10 and weekends with advanced notice. Always for first timers a deposit is required. If you can’t get hold of Huddersfield Mistress Felix then do contact me I don’t mind text however be aware Mistress Felix prefers a call.

Huddersfield Mistress Felix is extremely Sporty, fit and toned why not worship her sweaty feet after a gym session. Maybe she will wear some sexy stockings and Heels to drive you mad. If your lucky she may even lock you up in Chastity or the prison cell. Imagine being denied for ever. God how lucky would you be.

So book this sexy Huddersfield Mistress now!

Huddersfield Mistress Felix on 07763893955

Or Huddersfield Mistress Helena on 07557516183

15Apr 2017

I bet you wonder what happens on a daily basis for me your Huddersfield Dominatrix. Well  today I arose early to receive new Dungeon Furniture all in white its stunning made by MIV Furniture, bespoke Dungeon manufacturer’s. It is beautiful, I have a new spanking bench with Gynaecological leg stirrups ideal for anal sluts. There is also a bondage chair in white with straps ideal for kidnap and torture scenarios I your Huddersfield Dominatrix will interrogate you. There is a new smoother box ready for your worship of Mistress. Ideal for you drinking Mistresses Champagne. If your lucky!

Your Huddersfield Dominatrix has had her house boys prepare the playroom ready for you. All clean presented and while in servitude Mistress has had a lovely foot massage from them both. So spoilt. I sit here giving my orders on my throne to my slaves. So good to Mistress. However one of my houseboys will receive his collar and a few lashings of my cane. My houseboys know to wear my stripes. Serving Mistress Helena they know they are so lucky.

A nice body massage from my houseboy soon and photos of the new dungeon furniture with your Elite Huddersfield Dominatrix. Such fun to be had. Missing my partner in crime Mistress Desire. Lucky lady away till the 28th April. I see there will be so much torturous fun when  she returns. Don’t forget the Double Domme Discounted Monday’s.

Right Mistress is signing off to get dressed in lingerie.


13Apr 2017

Huddersfield Mistress Desire and Huddersfield Mistress Helena are offering after dark sessions in their kinky Elite discreet Domestic and dungeon facility. Dare you attend the night of kink with the two beautiful sadistic Huddersfield Mistresses. From 8 pm till late dressed in deadly designer lingerie how could you resist. Kidnap scenarios can be arranged as can most kinky sessions. Just ask. However be careful what you ask for! Dangerous with these two beautiful Huddersfield Mistresses.

Huddersfield Mistress Desire and Huddersfield Mistress Helena have outfits you would just look in awe. Quality is their aim and you ultimately will also get the quality experience with established professional Dominatrix.

The ladies will push your limits to a safe place and make you fall into subspace. With a well equipped Dungeon, currently expanding. A prison Cell to lock you up in! Imagine the mind games these two intelligent Huddersfield Mistresses can play on you. You will be their bitch. Imagine being collared by both Huddersfield Mistresses owned by two superior females.

The after dark sessions will be held on a Wednesday Evening so book in now. Minimum 90 min sessions at the special rate of £350 for both ladies. Explore more fantasies within your time with the kinky two!

So stop wasting time book slave!

Mistress Desire on Tel no 07522779380 now or Mistress Helena on Tel no 07557516183


Huddersfield Mistress

Huddersfield Mistress Desire and Huddersfield Mistress Helen

30Nov 2016

huddersfield mistressHuddersfield Mistress Monday’s Double-Domme Discounted Day!


Huddersfield Mistress Desire and I are available Mondays at a reduced rate for Double Domination at £200 for the hour! We want Monday’s to become Funday’s! Now instead of dreading the Monday it gives you something special to look forward to! Not just one beauty but two!

Note that due to Huddersfield Mistress Helena’s vacation to her hot destination the Monday will be the Sunday the 10th and returning on Tuesday the 20th of December so the Discount will apply on Thursday the 8th December and Tuesday PM the 20th December. So just Do it! Treat yourself before Christmas. Your own naughty gift an experience to remember. Book the Elite Huddersfield Mistresses for a mind blowing experience. Be teased and tormented by two amazing Dominatrix who are experienced in many fields of BDSM. Hand over your control to the Dominant Duo. You will bow in honour to serve the Huddersfield Mistress Helena and Mistress Desire.

Please book in advance if possible. The Huddersfield Mistresses get booked up extremely quick! They hold daily solo and Double Domination sessions so inquire about serving them at their location, a decadent Mansion property with a play room, Domestic and Prison Chambers! What more can you ask for Kinky one!

Christmas party coming up too on the 23rd December 3-7 pm book now! Inquire to cost as hour times available with your Huddersfield Mistresses as is the full time 3-7pm. Be dressed up if you enjoy Cross Dressing or be a Maid! Or just enjoy the whole Kink experience. Worship your Huddersfield Mistress while watching someone being caned or humiliated. All types of sessions available on the day! We suggest you bring a bottle of whatever you choose and maybe receive it back via your Goddesses Champagne! Now that is delicious! Lucky slave! We will have refreshments and nibbles maybe eat them from our feet crushed by our sexy Heels! Dress Code come and be prepared to be stripped or dressed!

So slaves, Kinksters’ book now for the best BDSM experience by professional Huddersfield Mistress Desire or Huddersfield Mistress Helena!

Tel Huddersfield Mistress Desire on 07522779380 or Huddersfield Mistress Helena on 07557516183

While Huddersfield Mistress Helena is away Mistress Desire will be available for sessions and can accept bookings for Double or Solo Domination with Mistress Helena.

29Oct 2016

Huddersfield Mistresses Desire & Helena



Serve either or both of us in Huddersfield. We are sensual, seductive, sophisticated, sadistic, stylish, skilled Mistresses who will deal with hardcore and novice submissives, slaves and sissies.

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