Enjoy my review by one of my collared slaves. His servitude to me a Yorkshire Mistress, his servitude is just as it should be. Simply divine. A true loyal slave and a great man.

Yorkshire Mistress

Yorkshire Mistress

Servitude and devotion to Yorkshire Mistress, Mistress Helena.

Believe me, it’s not hard to fall under Yorkshire Mistress, Mistress Helena’s spell even if it’s not your intention or desire at first, it soon will be.

I came across this amazing Dominatrix via the internet and it’s not hard to admire her stunning beauty in the pictures. I pondered for a while and finally made an appointment. Silly me for waiting so long! This was some time ago…

Mistress really is absolutely gorgeous, with style and she exudes femininity. Her voice is cultured and authoritative without the need to scream and shout. Right from my first session, I thought WOW. Her suggestions are so persuasive, that they are not really suggestions, they are orders that must be obeyed and obeyed willingly. She makes me want to obey even when I don’t really want to through her pure magic and force of will.

Any hesitation or dare I say it sign of the slightest resistance is crushed immediately. Mistress can do this in several ways, the obvious one being pain either through the threat of a beating or an actual stroke of the crop or cane. Mistress is an expert with the cane and loves using it much to my dismay.

However, within a few training sessions, I actually became more scared of disappointing this wonderful, bewitching Lady than the actual pain. She absolutely, definitely knows how to get inside your head and press “the service button” so you become desperate to obey and serve such a superior Lady.

Mistress has given me such sexual pleasure and amazing orgasms that I want. Reaching climax when I am away from her, she is in my mind and for this, I repay Her in the best possible fashion. My Mistress can be feeling sadistic, and then I suffer. Chores have to be done, I attend to them. When Mistress requires a massage, shoulders or feet then I attend to it happily for I’m Her slave to be used as She so wishes. I love to treat her too she is so deserving. It’s an honor to do so.

Periodically my Yorkshire Mistress keeps me in chastity so I have to beg for release and the ability to orgasm. Even if I’m not in chastity, I must still contact her and beg to be allowed to cum. This is her control and my devotion to this amazing, incredible Lady who will change your life for the better.

Thank you so much my amazing Mistress, Mistress Helena x

 Submission to Yorkshire Mistress Helena. Let me introduce myself, I’m a whore, a complete slut that has been to see so many different Mistresses, some good, some very good, and some appalling. Waving a cane around and brandishing a set of handcuffs does not make a Mistress.

In the fine Yorkshire Mistress Helena, I’ve found an amazing Goddess worthy of every last piece of praise for she truly is exceptional. She is tall, blonde, and stunning, with so much experience and an incredible skill set, I’ve never met anyone like her. Style, elegance, and dominance.

She takes the time to understand individual fetishes, then uses that knowledge to bend you to her will. She can be incredibly strict but also amazingly sensitive and sensual. I swear she could seduce the Pope if she wanted. The end result is, you become lost in the depths of slavery. When she says jump, your reply will be “How high?”

Her voice is something else, her fine English voice that can cut like a razor, or entice a monk out of his chaste lifestyle. There is no chance of resistance as she plays with your mind and body.

Despite the ability to be soft, sensual, and seductive, do not make the mistake I did and be flippant or remotely disrespectful. Hell did I pay the price with a terrible caning. The Yorkshire Mistress Helena is hard, accurate, skilled, and can really push your boundaries. However, on witnessing Mistress Helena’s pleasure when caning me, I long to suffer for her pleasure and have subsequently begged to be caned on several occasions. Likewise, I’ve been kept in chastity purely for her pleasure and to be made to realize her depth of control. Whenever I want to masturbate, I must ask my Submission to Yorkshire Mistress HelenaMistress and beg for her permission.

As for orgasms, which if we men are honest, that’s what we want. This Yorkshire Mistress has trained me and done so many different things for me that have led to so many incredible orgasms. The absolute desperation I feel when hopefully Mistress will let me cum is unlike any other experience I’ve had before. Each orgasm is earth-shattering but it’s not just over and done with as previous orgasms in my life. The immediate response is total and complete gratitude to this wonderful lady. Indeed sometimes I’ve wept with joy. Then the orgasms live on at night when you go to sleep dreaming of what happened, and each time I masturbate reliving the whole experience, time after time.

The pleasure (and indeed the pain) that Mistress Helena has given me inspires me to better serve her. What can I do for her that will please her? Adoration and worship are inadequate words to describe how she makes me feel.

There was an occasion when Mistress wanted her feet massaged. Hmm, I hear you say, what do you get out of that? Well apart from the chance to give Mistress pleasure. I was gagged, nipple clamps on, in chastity, fitted with electrics with a vibrating butt plug inserted. Sensory overload, whilst in service. Absolutely wonderful! Mistress gives me so much pleasure and new experiences that it makes me want to give back as much as possible. It’s no longer the wham, bam, self-gratification that visiting a Mistress used to be. That’s what I mean about inspiration. She has made me want to be a real slave and a better slave rather than just thinking about my own selfish needs.

Mistress will get inside your mind without you knowing it, you’ll learn to love things you didn’t previously and learn how to serve a real superior.

I won’t go into too many specific details are those are private but let me tell you one short tale. Mistress Helena introduced me to breath play and my face was covered in opaque plastic so I could just see a blurred outline of her face. Mistress bent over me and kissed me through the plastic. Wow, wow, wow, I may look at her gorgeous lips and fantasize about kissing her but I know it’s never going to happen, but that one brief fleeting kiss through some plastic haunts me beyond belief.

The ultimate accolade came when Mistress told me she was going to collar me. I felt like an Olympic gold medal winner.

I absolutely adore this lady with such a passion, it’s my goal to please her in return for how she makes me feel.

Rest assured, Mistress Helena is truly amazing and I adore her. She loves what she does but you’ll love what she can do to you even more.

To Huddersfield Mistress Helena,

It’s a Humble servant here, I just wanted to say thank you properly for yesterday, I had an incredible time. I hope you don’t mind the impertinence of this email, but ever since I started playing 6/7 years ago I’ve put down my thoughts on my sessions in an email to my Mistress and would be grateful if you would allow me to do the same with you. I have my entire kinky life in the form of emails going back over the years. 


You, Huddersfield Mistress Helena, looked absolutely stunning as you opened the door, and I sensed instantly you were going to make me feel comfortable and relaxed, which in turn allowed me to fall instantly into my status as your submissive, for you to control and use. I’m not sure how you felt, but I felt very comfortable and easily connected to you. I also loved the dress when you got changed, I really find 1940’s/1950’s female style sensual and erotic, some of the most beautiful women ever graced that period, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Lauren Bacall.


I thought your house was absolutely beautiful and was decorated perfectly to show off its period style, and your playroom was perfect, with a mix of austere functionality to deliver pain, and the comfort to provide that element of pleasure every session needs.


I liked that you wanted me naked, stripping away my clothes is symbolic of stripping away everything from me, I have no possessions, I have no identity, I am just there naked, exposed, and vulnerable for your use and pleasure. Allowing me to start by worshipping your feet, was perfect Mistress, I love feet, and even more to be at a powerful and beautiful woman’s feet worshipping them. Your feet were particularly beautiful and soft, and kissing, licking, and sucking them was so lovely, feet have their own special aroma, their own special feel, and their own special taste, it was a great way to start the session.


I also really enjoyed the spanking, being over your knee, spanked like a naughty boy, followed by being over your bench for the cane, the wet towel was a great idea, I would love to have a harsher caning from you, as the cane across my bottom is almost guaranteed to send me into subspace.


I loved you stretching my hole, I’m so glad I douched, and your vibrating plug was nice, it would be good to try Mistresses cock in a future session, being taken by you would be immense I’m sure, I would also be happy to take your cock into my mouth until I gag from its size and length.


Finishing off with allowing me to drink your lovely champagne was superb, it is the most submissive act to be used by you as your toilet, it was an honor and a privilege to be allowed to be in such an esteemed place. I’m just sorry I couldn’t cum for you, it would have been the ultimate act to have cum under your instruction and forced me to eat it!


So thank you, Mistress, for a wonderful and exciting time, with your permission I would love to see you again and commence a journey of submissive discovery with you. Your website suggests a few things which I have not tried before, which would be nice to try, as well as lots of things I’ve done before but I think would also be great fun with you.


I would like to try the Venus 2000 pump, and also I note from your website you offer forced Bi. I’ve never tried Bi before and in truth wouldn’t be interested in any other context than a session with a Mistress. I just think it would be amazing to be forced by you to take another mans cock in my mouth and arouse him, before being instructed by you to bend over and take him up my bottom, but before he cums to switch over and be spit roast by you and him until he cums in my mouth, and you force me to swallow, all of the time you laughing at my plight and encouraging me to be a dirty slut. Do you think that’s just too depraved and kinky?


Anyway, thank you again for a brilliant time. 


Your Humble servant


Warmest regards


Thank you it was so great to meet you. I appreciate you taking that extra journey to me at my private and discreet Huddersfield location. I will post it on my other sites as this is a great review and truly appreciate your time in sending this to me. My goal is to provide a safe and genuine place for those who want to explore BDSM activities.

I want my new slaves and submissives to enjoy BDSM and have that positive experience.

Your Huddersfield Mistress Helena xxx

Huddersfield Mistress Helena

Review of Huddersfield Mistress Helena

Ms Helen Ryder is heading North for our Strictly Sinners Sunday on the 25th July. This is the ultimate Yorkshire Double Domme experience.

Don’t miss the Yorkshire Double Domme event “Sunday Sinners” ,  I will be teaming up with my amazing friend Ms Ryder. Meet us in my fabulous domestic and dungeon setting in Huddersfield. I am just 26 mins train travel from Leeds, 8 mins in a cab and just over half an hours drive. Safe parking in a beautiful fully equipped dungeon that is discreet and perfectly placed between Leeds and Manchester. It is immaculately clean to high standards using hospital grade products, and all toys are covered with condoms where possible or sterilised before/after use.

Two strict blonde supreme femmes are going to take control over you, That Yorkshire Double Domme experience you have been longing for is here. Both Ms Ryder and I have many fetish interests and we are passionate about what we do, please take a look around our fetish interests on both our websites to see what makes you yearn to serve us.

Do book in advance, possible same day sessions maybe available if any one may cancel. Our time is precious and yours too so do make that deposit to secure your time with us. Occasions like this maybe missed and I’m sure you will regret missing the opportunity.

Yorkshire Double Domme doesn’t get much better than this.

Here is a link to Ms Ryder.

Here are some of the things we do enjoy…

Pegging/Spit roasting.

CP Judicial, straight up or Roleplay from moderate to very hard!

Sissy transformations, and cross dressing service.

Medical play.

Within the Huddersfield Dungeon we have most equipment available. We cater for EStim and Wand teasing sensual sessions or take the pain if you are a masochist. Both of which Ms Ryder and I do enjoy! Being Alpha Females we can be sensual as well as strict. This is our strength not a weakness. We will not shout but our dominance prevails.

Bondage, encasement, within leather, latex, ropes or straps. Mummification sessions available.

Foot-worship, Stocking and heel worship we love as we do dressing you up as a maid or slave duties we can cater for as the location is a domestic setting as well as having an amazing prison cell. We may confine you!!!

Contact Me on 07557516183 by call or text to book in and a 50% deposit is mandatory and non refundable (bank transfer info on Ms Ryders online domination/tribute page)

Please provide an outline of your interests and any medical conditions we need to be aware of.  ALL sessions are bespoke to your interests, we do enjoy most aspects of BDSM play as we are real lifestyle Mistress’s with years of experience. We are aware that You have your own way of enjoying Your kink. So lets enjoy the experience together.

We look forward to giving you that perfect Double Domination experience you have dreamt of. Two amazing Dominant Women in one place with you…

Now that’ something.

Mistress Helena

Yorkshire Double Domme

Yorkshire Double Domme

Hypno Domme

Review of the Queen of Hypno Domme Mistress Helena

Review of my online BDSM hypnosis session with this magnetic Hypno Domme.

I need to share with you my most recent Online BDSM hypnosis session experience with Hypno Domme Mistress Helena. It was a lesson in ecstasy. This was our fourth session via WhatsApp video and I’d asked if it was possible to have a hands free orgasm (we’ve all wanted to know), with her beautiful commanding voice she relaxed me down and talked me into trance. From there she built up visualisations into a hand job scenario. At first I was just imaging a hand job and pleasure, it was good. My well versed Hypno Domme then made me relax further, I don’t know if her experienced eye could tell I needed it or she just wanted to be sure. But further into trance it changed, it became so real, my Hypno Domme then ended the session with me writhing on the bed near screaming in pleasure and told me it would continue until I woke, I think I was there in pure bliss for another 10 minutes after the session. It was incredible.

For numerous years I’ve always had a fetish for hypnosis. Wanting to explore it properly. Before finding the amazing Mistress Helena, who is an established Hypno Domme, I spent too much time and money with other “hypno Domme'” online and basically acted in a role play. Then I met Hypno Domme Mistress Helena. On my first contact with mistress via WhatsApp, Mistress immediately put me at my ease and answered my endless questions about sessions. I actually had booked an in person session and chickened out at literally the last second. Mistress never held that against me and when I was next ready to try she suggested video calling. Come the first call and she just chatted away for a few minutes to put me at my ease. She has a beautiful voice and friendly smile which quickly calmed me down from the adrenaline filled state I started in. She expertly talked me down into relaxation and trance (her voice is just perfect for this and her beauty captivates) , this wasn’t playing this time, it was more real than anything else I’d tried. Jump to my second session and I said it would be funny to split the session in two but make me forget the first half, which would include all the commands skip to me in the bath getting a call from mistress, I’m confused how I’m now an hour late and rush to bed to call her back. She starts talking as usual in a calming commanding manner, I can’t remember the trigger word but suddenly I was hit with a wave of relaxation and was bleary eyed tired, looking at her smile in the screen and she said some more stuff and I was out like a light, she had full control from then on, including having me think i was fully restrained to the bed.

I think everyone who sees her admires mistresses beauty, what’s truly sexy is just how smart she is and how she turns her experiences and knowledge to give you the best time possible. If you want a good online BDSM hypnosis session book Huddersfield Mistress Helena. The supreme Hypno Domme.

Online BDSM sessions with Huddersfield Mistress Helena available during Lockdown online BDSM sessions only….

Your Online Huddersfield Mistress Helena is available during the Lockdown period, only for online not real time sessions. Indulge yourself with me your Online Huddersfield Mistress Helena. It can be a lonely in this period for some in this time, so why not try some sensual kinky fun. I also offer Tarot card readings as I am a Medium also. So don’t be shy meet Mistress in a non Dominating way. This may help you feel more relaxed and decide to do a domination session next. My tribute for Mediumship is the regular rate of £40 which usually lasts an hour. I will be uploading a blog regarding my accuracy in readings. So don’t be shy call me. Right back to the kink!

I have been working hard over the last few years to create a great portfolio of BDSM video content and galleries of some rather hot photos of your Mistress. Now is the time I can add these to my and my OnlyFans page

These are fantastic places for you to escape to in a safe and discreet manner with less risk of being discoverable with your secret kinky side. Your Mistress is enjoying the regular uploads to both sites. With this being my only way to session during Lockdown at least Mistress is getting her kicks too, I’m also doing daily webcam sessions and online chat on as BritishEliteMistress. Regular clients can also book me for private webcam sessions and voice call sessions direct to my mobile.

Now is your time to request custom made BDSM clips from your Mistress. There is plenty of content available for you to view online on my OnlyFans page. This is a place where you will get tasters of how I am in session if you’ve never met me, additionally a place where you can see all my lovely outfits and use this as your private place to visit Mistress during Lockdown at a reasonable rate of affordability in this time.

To intensify your interaction with Mistress in this period I do suggest booking a 30 minute or 1 hour slot to do a live online session with Mistress, we can do so many things in this timeframe. For example you may want to see me in my latex catsuit or simply to see me feed you food off my feet, whatever your kink may be do not be shy I may be able to cater for this.

Custom clips is a great way for you to experience your BDSM kinks with Mistress and watch over and over again making this an affordable experience.

Your Online Mistress Helena is building an online repertoire of amazing clips I do not mind I you have requests you can ask this on my OnlyFans page. Bear in mind I am based at my own location with two fully equipped dungeon spaces and a prison cell. This is all within my own domestic location as I call it my Grand Manoir. You’ll soon see why when you watch me on my clips or online. I am an eccentric Mistress and I am looking forward to entertaining you in this time. Both sadistic and a sensual Mistress. Even having my own hot tub at my home this is featured in some of my clips.

After Lockdown for regular clients that support me during this time. I will be offering discounted time as a loyalty scheme for regular attendance and they will receive priority treatment from me. Consideration for them to be featured in my videos after Lockdown. I am offering slave packages do enquire. Regular online sessions of certain time periods will be discounted if weekly. This really helps your Mistress in this hard time.


your Online Huddersfield Mistress Helena

Your Yorkshire Mistress is offering an amazing opportunity to five submissive men and women wanting to be part of a BDSM lifestyle, in Hell’s collared slave club.

Imagine a world where you see your Mistress on a regular basis. Regular contact by photos, texts, up to date offers and opportunities to be filmed and accompany your Mistress to Fetish nights at discounted rates, or attend my BDSM parties.

Well this can happen to you! Change your life for good, submit to the finest elite Yorkshire Mistress.

Genuine applicants need only to apply send a tribute of £40 to discuss in fine detail what you feel it takes to be in my club. You will have a 15 minute interview on video call with me. Think of this as an audition. If you meet my exceptional high standards then we will organise how to start this exciting adventure for a long term arrangement. Do note this is for serious candidates only, not for the weak minded.

I require a tribute of £500 a month this gives you 2 x 2 hour sessions with Mistress, then either lunch or a social venue of choice be it at one of my BDSM parties or even a catch up walking my wolves with me. This offer applies to the first 3 successful applicants. Next tier is for two other members that pay a regular tribute of £300 per month. This facilitates 2 x 90 min sessions, and the same social privileges. I will offer to my members a key holding service for chastity, this usually is £50 month. Encouraging long term chastity for the right candidates. Within the members club there are other advantages such as take Mistress away at discounted rates, and the same applies to overnight sessions. This adds to building an amazing rapport with me, your chosen Mistress.

In case you were wondering you do get your own collar and ID that I choose. After three months of successful servitude, your collar will be presented to you. I am a long term lifestyle Mistress. and you can have great input into my lifestyle. Whether it be helping your Mistress with wolf care, property and dungeon maintenance. Everyone possesses a skill it can be simple like cleaning, or as skilled as a carpenter. I will em-blossom you, you will become part of a BDSM lifestyle within an established residence with existing long term collared slaves. Building trust is a bond we will enjoy. Payment for this exclusive membership will be at the beginning of term.

Do read my recent blog Yorkshire Mistress Helena a submissive’s diary. This will motivate and reassure that you are making the best choice with regards to being one of my chosen few.



Slave club

Yorkshire Mistress Helena, a submissive’s diary

After such an amazing first session with the wonderful Yorkshire Mistress Helena, I was inspired to start a diary to record my thoughts and emotions on my journey into submission. The day I heard her voice she captivated me. I heard her on a BDSM clip. I had to meet her. This first meeting occurred 3 years ago. I want to share my story to show how amazing submission can be.


Diary entry 1

So today I met Yorkshire Mistress Helena for the very first time. She was so lovely spoken on the phone but nothing could have prepared me for our first session together.

What a lovely place, warm, music playing and of course the refined Yorkshire Mistress looking so elegant in skin tone stockings, black heels and top 🙂 (think I have a little crush)

A quick anal douche (that was new!) and I was showered and upstairs in her playroom. It was so lovely and cosy and I loved the white BDSM furniture.

So my Mistress soon had me fastened tightly to her white whipping bench (after putting a collar on me and tying my balls up with her own nylon silky stocking) All the while calmly but dominantly chatting to me. Then came the strokes. I think after 20 or so we started to keep count. I loved it!!!

Mistress Helena can even spank hard with just her hand too! (she said I had a cute bum..) We got to around 40 or 50 and I remember Mistress saying we were targeting 150! No wonder she had a handful of canes about 12 or so 🙂

I’ve never had a caning like this. I remember it felt hard but wonderful at the same time. Just free and not a care in the world. Just living the now with Mistress I’ve never felt so free.

So nice those hard strokes, I kept count and even asked for harder. I had a good vibe speaking to my Yorkshire Mistress and I just wanted to impress her and for my beautiful Yorkshire Mistress to have fun. We made it to 150 (with a whip thrown in for good measure) but we didn’t stop there we hit 170 and we later said next session we’d do 200, I can not wait. 

Of course there will be a next session! I made the right choice visiting Mistress Helena.

Mistress’s work was fab, the markings were so perfectly straight. Heaven xxx. She then kept me tied for some fantastic anal play like nothing I’d experienced before, which was like an orgasmic massage. She said one day she’ll make me cum anally inside..

I don’t want to tell everything but this Yorkshire Mistress rewarded me in such style and I made every effort to carry on pleasing her, with some lovely shoe and foot worshipping and massaging, her lovely stockings and of course, her fab bum! What a reward that was! (Whilst Mistress pleasured herself with something vibrating) It amazed me how dominant she was even when so sensual and alluring.

I truly felt honoured to be with her. To begin that new journey and find a true connection. She never once shouted and yet she retained total control. I’ve never felt so alive, just to submit to her, effortlessly.

She later had me in bondage on the bed for more pain and pleasure, such a perfect combo. I opted for 3 hour session which was the perfect amount, no rushing just in the moment the two of us.

I’m on cloud 9 and have only begun to scratch the surface with her. The caning was my favourite which I found very strange but she was so good at it!! Thank you Mistress for such an amazing time. Next time Mistress said we will go straight into it, stricter and with no warm up. Working up to corporal punishment. Strangely enough I cannot wait!

A happy sub and a very happy Mistress.

Feel fantastic to have sessioned with her, would love to come again “Dam right!” she says!

I find submission to her so easy and so natural. I cant wait for our next meeting.


Note to any new submissive do not feel in any way embarrassed to contact this amazing Yorkshire Mistress. She has such a vast knowledge of lifestyle and professional BDSM activity. Never will she judge you. I will submit more diary entries to show you my amazing journey with the right Mistress. I still remain in servitude, this was my best decision I have ever made. A vital life enhancing event.

Yorkshire Mistress submissive

Yorkshire Mistress



                                                          Femme Fatale POV BDSM Clips for sale.


Femme Fatale BDSM clips 2 prev


Oh some interesting news look at this. If you would love a session and have no time I am now doing custom made POV clips with a twist. You can join me on to see the videos and maybe have one yourself made.
Your Femme Fatale POV BDSM clips. Subcam.

I, am your Femme Fatale Mistress Helena have designed some unique and special footage in my own special way. Launching Femme Fatale POV BDSM Clips for sale, subcam.


A POV like never before – all about you. The Submissives point of view.
I, Mistress Helena have designed some unique and personal footage in my own special way. Launching Mistress Helena BDSM Clips for sale.
SubCam are pre-recorded video clips tailored to meet specific individual needs with the primary focus being from your point of view. All the recordings are taken from a submissives point of view; where they stand (or kneel to be precise!). Strapped to a piece of furniture, helpless, restrained, all taken from a live point of view. Experience the session within your own comfort and boundaries, but tailored to your needs, desires and fantasies.

You write the script! Do you have a particular scenario on your mind but are not ready to experience this in person. SubCam could be your first step to making your fantasies come true. Ultimately that’s what you’re here for right?

Subcam we will act out the scenario for you. I Mistress Helena, will perform your chosen scenario with an invisible sub. The action, the sounds, the visualization, will all appear from a slaves point of view, in our unique way. The submissive will be perfectly silent throughout, so that when we capture the magic – this can be given to you to experience as though you were reliving the session yourself. Therefore you are not distracted by the reaction of the slave model. Hence the invisible sub. All of this from the comfort of your own home and completely anonymous. You experience what its like to be a submissive within that tailor made Femme Fatale BDSM clips.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy nothing more than putting my slaves to the test in person! Whether a few hundred strokes of the cane, tying my victims helplessly in bondage to tease the hell out of them! Or humiliating them. But isn’t that your ultimate goal? I also do Hypnosis this could be fun.

Perhaps the above will allow to experience something different to the familiar online sessioning at extortionate cost rates to yourself. Something personal to you and a fraction of the price. A 10 minute clip will cost you different rates for different content. Mistress dressed in Latex has a premium rate at £60 as I need to prepare the latex and clean after.

A typical 10 min video is £30. Nylon Stockings I do charge for on top of standard Video rate, the cost of the FFSH Nylon stockings. Maybe you would like these as a memory attachment to your video. I will post them after to you this. All this for £60.
I do offer the option to book in advance if doing a filming day in Latex or FFSH Nylons at the standard rate of £30 only. You can pre-book this by paying in advance and wait for your Video. These will be shared on my Only Fans. You are the film director of your own Femme Fatale POV clips.

If you want your own ultimate video I can do this just ask for a quote. You may want a longer video or one requiring watersports etc. Additionally videos are found on my Only Fans page

Get comfortable with the BDSM scene in your own timeline and ultimately, build a relationship with me to perhaps one day meet in person.
Meets do not all have to be session based. Many of my personal submissives will know I am very much a lifestyle Mistress. I can tailor to your needs in and out of the confines of a dungeon, or behind the camera. I do have a beautiful domestic setting in Huddersfield where filming will take place. Hence a domestic real environment is possible too. I can do some videos outdoors in different locations. Just ask.
Take a little step into my world and experience Subcam.

Here’s how it works;

1. You describe your fantasy to me. You wish to be taken prisoner and interrogated in my prison cell, striped of your rights and completely at my mercy.

2. I estimate a time for the scenario. The above scenario could be filmed in approximately 10 minutes and my fee is £30. See my fee scales for timings etc.

3. I perform your fantasy using my invisible sub. My invisible sub is masked up to appear completely neutral to help you re live the fantasy as though you were actually there yourself.

4. SubCam point of view. The action is all captured from a single camera from the slaves eye line so that when you play the video back, you feel part of the action. I may even use your name if you so desire!

5. Editing. I edit the clip, tidy the loose edges and email to you after payment.

6. Enjoy! You enjoy a clip dedicated personally to you, and I upload this to Only fans for my followers enjoyment also. This is why the rates are competitive – you get something I get something.

7. Rapport. We start to build a Mistress Slave relationship should you choose to continue to ‘SubCam’ sessioning, which ultimately may lead to an in person session.

To give you a flavour, I am uploading over the course of the next few weeks and months, ideas from my existing slaves who have been lucky enough to model for me – Oh yes I have more than one invisible slave my dears! That could be you. I also offer regular slaves discounted sessionings as filming slaves.

So give it a go, contact me with the heading SubCam, and I’ll do the rest.
Your Mistress Helena, the Femme Fatale BDSM clip specialist.

Forget selfies and pre recorded POV’s, this is dedicated to you – and puts you right at the centre of Mistresses attention.
So try it now. See me in action at

I am your star within the Femme Fatale POV BDSM clips movies.

Call me or text 07557516183 to ask for more information.



Double Domme Discounted Wednesday.

BDSM parties

BDSM parties

Huddersfield Mistresses are offering discounted Double Domme Wednesdays, Treat yourself now. We offer the discount on Wednesdays some same day availability . Pre-bookings are better to guarantee your time suited. Treat yourself to your own naughty gift an experience to remember. Eliza and I enjoy medical play and recently been doing body modifications, saline infusions. Book the Elite Huddersfield Mistresses for a mind blowing experience. Be teased and tormented by two amazing Dominatrix who are experienced in many fields of BDSM. Hand over your control to the Dominant Huddersfield Double Domme sessions. You will bow in honour to serve the Huddersfield Mistresses Mistress Helena and Dominatrix Eliza Lou.

Please book ASAP.  We are both prime, elite Huddersfield Mistresses.  Bookings are best booked in advance as they get booked up extremely quick! Holding daily solo and Double Domination sessions so inquire about serving the Huddersfield Mistresses at the decadent Mansion property with a play room, Domestic and Prison cell. Hells Dungeon. What more can you ask for Kink and submission. Serving two beautiful and talented Dominatrix. We can also see you at Dominatrix Eliza Lou’s amazing Fetish box in Halifax. Its perfect for suspension sessions and Kidnap scenarios. Dominatrix Eliza lou has an amazing fully equipped dungeon.

BDSM Party;

Get this in your diary, on the 17th February we are hosting a BDSM Party at Hells  Dominatrix Eliza Lou  and Mistress Cassie our TV Domme. Have you ever wanted to attend a BDSM party? Do it! Play in the dark. Come be tormented by three Mistresses, maybe be blindfolded and feel what happens. Have you ever wanted to just watch. The BDSM party is ideal for time spent in the prison cell or gimped up in our prison table cage. Worship our stockings while we sit at the table. You will be locked the cage fed our leftover snacks. We may crush our food and force you to eat off our feet. We will provide house champagne! Lucky boy! Drop me a text to enquire for cost of  the BDSM party. Hour time slots are also available. There will be strap on play to watch or enjoy, water sports’, nylon worship and forced feminisation.  Mistress Cassie is our Tv Domme and she is very good at being very bad! Cassie loves to dress up in stockings, heels and make you worship her. She may play games and if she loses will pleasure you. Kinky girl!

It is an all kinks catered for BDSM party however with consideration for other party members. Be dressed up if you enjoy Cross Dressing or be a Maid! Or just enjoy the whole Kink experience. Explore other areas of BDSM you never thought you would. See others exploring and join in the fun.

Grab the opportunity to be that voyeur in a prison cell. Teased and denied, punished by our canes, or spanked. You will be confined while watching the party unfold. See how your Huddersfield Mistresses disciplines her slaves or humiliates them. All types of sessions available on the day! We suggest you bring a bottle of whatever you choose and maybe receive it back via your Goddesses Champagne! Now that is delicious! Lucky slave! We will have refreshments and nibbles maybe eat them from our feet crushed by our sexy Heels! Dress Code come and be prepared to be stripped or dressed! We do have outfits for you at the Huddersfield Dungeon.

So slaves, Kinksters’ book now for the best BDSM party with your Huddersfield Mistresses.

Huddersfield Mistress Helena on telephone 07557516183

Dominatrix Eliza Lou on 07474700059



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