Submission to Yorkshire Mistress Helena. Let me introduce myself, I’m a whore, a complete slut that has been to see so many different Mistresses, some good, some very good, and some appalling. Waving a cane around and brandishing a set of handcuffs does not make a Mistress.

In the fine Yorkshire Mistress Helena, I’ve found an amazing Goddess worthy of every last piece of praise for she truly is exceptional. She is tall, blonde, and stunning, with so much experience and an incredible skill set, I’ve never met anyone like her. Style, elegance, and dominance.

She takes the time to understand individual fetishes, then uses that knowledge to bend you to her will. She can be incredibly strict but also amazingly sensitive and sensual. I swear she could seduce the Pope if she wanted. The end result is, you become lost in the depths of slavery. When she says jump, your reply will be “How high?”

Her voice is something else, her fine English voice that can cut like a razor, or entice a monk out of his chaste lifestyle. There is no chance of resistance as she plays with your mind and body.

Despite the ability to be soft, sensual, and seductive, do not make the mistake I did and be flippant or remotely disrespectful. Hell did I pay the price with a terrible caning. The Yorkshire Mistress Helena is hard, accurate, skilled, and can really push your boundaries. However, on witnessing Mistress Helena’s pleasure when caning me, I long to suffer for her pleasure and have subsequently begged to be caned on several occasions. Likewise, I’ve been kept in chastity purely for her pleasure and to be made to realize her depth of control. Whenever I want to masturbate, I must ask my Submission to Yorkshire Mistress HelenaMistress and beg for her permission.

As for orgasms, which if we men are honest, that’s what we want. This Yorkshire Mistress has trained me and done so many different things for me that have led to so many incredible orgasms. The absolute desperation I feel when hopefully Mistress will let me cum is unlike any other experience I’ve had before. Each orgasm is earth-shattering but it’s not just over and done with as previous orgasms in my life. The immediate response is total and complete gratitude to this wonderful lady. Indeed sometimes I’ve wept with joy. Then the orgasms live on at night when you go to sleep dreaming of what happened, and each time I masturbate reliving the whole experience, time after time.

The pleasure (and indeed the pain) that Mistress Helena has given me inspires me to better serve her. What can I do for her that will please her? Adoration and worship are inadequate words to describe how she makes me feel.

There was an occasion when Mistress wanted her feet massaged. Hmm, I hear you say, what do you get out of that? Well apart from the chance to give Mistress pleasure. I was gagged, nipple clamps on, in chastity, fitted with electrics with a vibrating butt plug inserted. Sensory overload, whilst in service. Absolutely wonderful! Mistress gives me so much pleasure and new experiences that it makes me want to give back as much as possible. It’s no longer the wham, bam, self-gratification that visiting a Mistress used to be. That’s what I mean about inspiration. She has made me want to be a real slave and a better slave rather than just thinking about my own selfish needs.

Mistress will get inside your mind without you knowing it, you’ll learn to love things you didn’t previously and learn how to serve a real superior.

I won’t go into too many specific details are those are private but let me tell you one short tale. Mistress Helena introduced me to breath play and my face was covered in opaque plastic so I could just see a blurred outline of her face. Mistress bent over me and kissed me through the plastic. Wow, wow, wow, I may look at her gorgeous lips and fantasize about kissing her but I know it’s never going to happen, but that one brief fleeting kiss through some plastic haunts me beyond belief.

The ultimate accolade came when Mistress told me she was going to collar me. I felt like an Olympic gold medal winner.

I absolutely adore this lady with such a passion, it’s my goal to please her in return for how she makes me feel.

Rest assured, Mistress Helena is truly amazing and I adore her. She loves what she does but you’ll love what she can do to you even more.