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As my Nylon Mistress arrived at my door, I could not possibly be more excited, I could see, through the peephole in my front door, that she was wearing a long coat and black gloves. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail and she had lots of thick red lipstick on. Oh my! I […]

Enjoy Double Domme in Huddersfield. Huddersfield Mistress Helena and her Pro Domme Friends are Elite Professional Mistresses based in West Yorkshire. Come meet my Double Domme friends at my own Huddersfield private, exclusive, and discreet luxurious well-equipped Chambers. We are Elite  Huddersfield Mistresses are also available. Mistress Helena’s friends Mistress Cat, and Mistress Alcini are […]

Enjoy my review by one of my collared slaves. His servitude to me a Yorkshire Mistress, his servitude is just as it should be. Simply divine. A true loyal slave and a great man. Servitude and devotion to Yorkshire Mistress, Mistress Helena. Believe me, it’s not hard to fall under Yorkshire Mistress, Mistress Helena’s spell […]

 Submission to Yorkshire Mistress Helena. Let me introduce myself, I’m a whore, a complete slut that has been to see so many different Mistresses, some good, some very good, and some appalling. Waving a cane around and brandishing a set of handcuffs does not make a Mistress. In the fine Yorkshire Mistress Helena, I’ve found […]

Ms Helen Ryder is heading North for our Strictly Sinners Sunday on the 25th July. This is the ultimate Yorkshire Double Domme experience. Don’t miss the Yorkshire Double Domme event “Sunday Sinners” ,  I will be teaming up with my amazing friend Ms Ryder. Meet us in my fabulous domestic and dungeon setting in Huddersfield. […]

Review of my online BDSM hypnosis session with this magnetic Hypno Domme. I need to share with you my most recent Online BDSM hypnosis session experience with Hypno Domme Mistress Helena. It was a lesson in ecstasy. This was our fourth session via WhatsApp video and I’d asked if it was possible to have a […]

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