As my Nylon Mistress arrived at my door, I could not possibly be more excited, I could see, through the peephole in my front door, that she was wearing a long coat and black gloves. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail and she had lots of thick red lipstick on.
Oh my!
I opened the door for her, shaking with anticipation. My Nylon Queen was now in my presence.
She waltzed in as only my Mistress could.
I handed her a glass of champagne, which she took a sip from, still with her gloves on.
My Nylon Mistress pointed at the floor.
That was my cue to get down on my knees.
I duly cowered before her.
She unbuttoned her long coat to reveal her magnificent legs, encased in shiny black nylon stockings, and her beautiful feet in the most wonderful pair of patent leather heels, also black, and a heavenly to-die-for exquisite ankle strap.
She then proceeded to do an ever-so-elegant twirl which revealed her nylons to be seamed, which drove me even more wild.
She was wearing a tight black pencil skirt with a very revealing slit up the side.
“Would you pay some attention to my shoes, slave?”, She commanded.
I lowered my head to Mistress’s perfect feet and placed a delicate kiss on the toe of each shoe.
I thanked her for the privilege.
She then sat down on my couch and crossed her stockinged legs, the noise that the nylons made as one came into contact with the other was mind-blowing.
She ran her finger along one of the heels of her shoes and poked her tongue through her bright red lips.
This was my cue to begin licking her high heels.
I was so excited.
I began cautiously but my eagerness soon overwhelmed me and I was kissing and licking them with utter abandonment.
All the while I was saying, over and over again, “
Thank you, Mistress”.
After sucking and cleaning my goddess’s shoes for a good ten minutes she reached down with one of her beautifully manicured red nails and began to caress one of her ankle straps.
I didn’t need an invitation. I began to kiss and lick and even suck my Nylon Mistress’s astonishingly beautiful ankle straps.
Next up was the soles of her toweringly high patent shoes.
I maneuvered onto my back at Her Worship’s feet and she placed her feet ever so slightly above my eager face.
“I want them spotless”, she ordered.
“I understand”, I replied.
My hungry tongue got to work on her soles.
“I want you to tell me just how lucky you are, as you worship at my feet”, she said.
I didn’t hesitate.
“Thank you, Mistress”, I said.
“I adore your heels, I need your heels, I long for your heels, I live for your heels”.
I know my place is at my Nylon Mistress’s feet, her heels beckon me to crave her.
I must’ve spent fifteen minutes on each of her shoes, all the while Mistress was peering down at me, ensuring that I was doing a good job.
On one occasion I noticed her looking sternly at me and shaking her head.
I was not reaching the standards her stilettos deserved. I redoubled my efforts and began begging her to not take away her shoes and that I would worship them with even more dedication.
At one point I was even sobbing, I was dreading her leaving and not being able to show my adoration for her feet and shoes.
After some time my beautiful Nylon Mistress stood up and said it was time to leave.
I got dressed and ran to the nearest cash machine, a couple of hours is nowhere near long enough to pay proper devotion to Mistress Hell’s astonishing high heels. I know this too well…
Nylon Mistress