Enjoy my review by one of my collared slaves. His servitude to me a Yorkshire Mistress, his servitude is just as it should be. Simply divine. A true loyal slave and a great man.

Yorkshire Mistress

Yorkshire Mistress

Servitude and devotion to Yorkshire Mistress, Mistress Helena.

Believe me, it’s not hard to fall under Yorkshire Mistress, Mistress Helena’s spell even if it’s not your intention or desire at first, it soon will be.

I came across this amazing Dominatrix via the internet and it’s not hard to admire her stunning beauty in the pictures. I pondered for a while and finally made an appointment. Silly me for waiting so long! This was some time ago…

Mistress really is absolutely gorgeous, with style and she exudes femininity. Her voice is cultured and authoritative without the need to scream and shout. Right from my first session, I thought WOW. Her suggestions are so persuasive, that they are not really suggestions, they are orders that must be obeyed and obeyed willingly. She makes me want to obey even when I don’t really want to through her pure magic and force of will.

Any hesitation or dare I say it sign of the slightest resistance is crushed immediately. Mistress can do this in several ways, the obvious one being pain either through the threat of a beating or an actual stroke of the crop or cane. Mistress is an expert with the cane and loves using it much to my dismay.

However, within a few training sessions, I actually became more scared of disappointing this wonderful, bewitching Lady than the actual pain. She absolutely, definitely knows how to get inside your head and press “the service button” so you become desperate to obey and serve such a superior Lady.

Mistress has given me such sexual pleasure and amazing orgasms that I want. Reaching climax when I am away from her, she is in my mind and for this, I repay Her in the best possible fashion. My Mistress can be feeling sadistic, and then I suffer. Chores have to be done, I attend to them. When Mistress requires a massage, shoulders or feet then I attend to it happily for I’m Her slave to be used as She so wishes. I love to treat her too she is so deserving. It’s an honor to do so.

Periodically my Yorkshire Mistress keeps me in chastity so I have to beg for release and the ability to orgasm. Even if I’m not in chastity, I must still contact her and beg to be allowed to cum. This is her control and my devotion to this amazing, incredible Lady who will change your life for the better.

Thank you so much my amazing Mistress, Mistress Helena x