Hypno Domme

Review of the Queen of Hypno Domme Mistress Helena

Review of my online BDSM hypnosis session with this magnetic Hypno Domme.

I need to share with you my most recent Online BDSM hypnosis session experience with Hypno Domme Mistress Helena. It was a lesson in ecstasy. This was our fourth session via WhatsApp video and I’d asked if it was possible to have a hands free orgasm (we’ve all wanted to know), with her beautiful commanding voice she relaxed me down and talked me into trance. From there she built up visualisations into a hand job scenario. At first I was just imaging a hand job and pleasure, it was good. My well versed Hypno Domme then made me relax further, I don’t know if her experienced eye could tell I needed it or she just wanted to be sure. But further into trance it changed, it became so real, my Hypno Domme then ended the session with me writhing on the bed near screaming in pleasure and told me it would continue until I woke, I think I was there in pure bliss for another 10 minutes after the session. It was incredible.

For numerous years I’ve always had a fetish for hypnosis. Wanting to explore it properly. Before finding the amazing Mistress Helena, who is an established Hypno Domme, I spent too much time and money with other “hypno Domme'” online and basically acted in a role play. Then I met Hypno Domme Mistress Helena. On my first contact with mistress via WhatsApp, Mistress immediately put me at my ease and answered my endless questions about sessions. I actually had booked an in person session and chickened out at literally the last second. Mistress never held that against me and when I was next ready to try she suggested video calling. Come the first call and she just chatted away for a few minutes to put me at my ease. She has a beautiful voice and friendly smile which quickly calmed me down from the adrenaline filled state I started in. She expertly talked me down into relaxation and trance (her voice is just perfect for this and her beauty captivates) , this wasn’t playing this time, it was more real than anything else I’d tried. Jump to my second session and I said it would be funny to split the session in two but make me forget the first half, which would include all the commands skip to me in the bath getting a call from mistress, I’m confused how I’m now an hour late and rush to bed to call her back. She starts talking as usual in a calming commanding manner, I can’t remember the trigger word but suddenly I was hit with a wave of relaxation and was bleary eyed tired, looking at her smile in the screen and she said some more stuff and I was out like a light, she had full control from then on, including having me think i was fully restrained to the bed.

I think everyone who sees her admires mistresses beauty, what’s truly sexy is just how smart she is and how she turns her experiences and knowledge to give you the best time possible. If you want a good online BDSM hypnosis session book Huddersfield Mistress Helena. The supreme Hypno Domme.